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Strategic documents

The Brussels-Capital Region already has a series of planning documents in the field of mobility.

thumbnail of plan-pietons-FR-web

Stratégie Marche

Stratégie Marche

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Stratégie Vélo

Stratégie Vélo

thumbnail of Plan d’action – FR version finale

Stratégie Sécurité routière

Stratégie Sécurité routière

thumbnail of Plan marchandises

Stratégie Marchandises

Stratégie Marchandies

thumbnail of plan stationnement

Stratégie Stationnement

Stratégie Stationnement

Look up all the plans on the Brussels Mobility website

Inspiring documents

Study: multimodal specialization of roads

Study: Buses and coaches in flux

Colloquium: The accessibility of the public transport network

Mobil2040: forward-looking study of mobility between now and 2040

Rail4Brussels: study on improving railway services passing through and serving the Brussels-Capital Region in a multimodal context (FPS Mobility and Transport)

Smartcity inspirational guide (Agoria)

Plan provincial de mobilité du Brabant wallon

Public works: before and after

Brussels is changing! Take a fresh look at the city by discovering how public spaces have been transformed in before/after photographs.

Do you have before/after photos of a crossroads, street or square? Add to the map of the Region’s achievements.

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Pour participer à l’enquête publique, c’est par ici !