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Brokeradge Event Smart Mobility Challenge – 26.09.2017

Brokeradge Event Smart Mobility Challenge – 26.09.2017

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The Smart Mobility Challenge is a call for projects involving funding living labs in the mobility field. This will mean taking advantage of the increasingly amounts of knowledge and data available in the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) in order to come up with solutions to the major challenge for society that mobility represents. The objective is to encourage the formation of partnerships that will define a living-lab concept to receive funding that can be spread over three years, totalling at least 4 million euros. This call for projects will actually be launched on 26 September on the occasion of a “brokerage event”, in other words a platform for initiating partnerships. Details of the call for projects will be communicated at the event: the preferred themes, the rules governing it and the selection criteria and process. You can also take part in open space workshops focusing on the various themes related to smart mobility.

Tuesday 26 September 2017
The Hotel – Bd. de Waterloo, 38 – B-1000 Bruxelles
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