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Multimodal Road Specialisation

Although road specialisation has existed in the Brussels Region since 1995, it was the subject of a comprehensive review by the consultancy firm TRIDÉE (formerly Timenco) in 2015, at the…

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Brussels Business Mobility Salon – 30.01.2018

Brussels Mobility is organising the 5th edition of the Brussels Business Mobility Salon: an opportunity to discover the initiatives taken by Brussels businesses in terms of mobility and the services…

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Buses and coaches in Brussel

The Brussels Government has approved the conclusions of the study of the management and development of coach traffic and parking in Brussels. The study covers coaches for tourism and special…

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The Strategic Goods Transport Plan in video

The Brussels-Capital Region has won the European Commission’s SUMP Award for Urban Mobility Planning for its Strategic Goods Transport Plan. The panel of judges welcomed efforts to integrate goods into…

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The Good Move working documents are online!

At the beginning of 2017, the Municipalities were formally consulted on the strategic emphases that should appear in the future Regional Mobility Plan. The Good Move team also organised a…

Dimanche sans voiture
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Car Free Sunday 17.09.2017

Find Good Move on the Brussels Mobility stand! Good Move will be on the Brussels Mobility stand (Royal Park) on Sunday 17th September to mark Car-Free Sunday. It’s a great…

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Brokeradge Event Smart Mobility Challenge – 26.09.2017

The Smart Mobility Challenge is a call for projects involving funding living labs in the mobility field. This will mean taking advantage of the increasingly amounts of knowledge and data…

Visuel BSI
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Business and Sustainable Mobility 13.09.2017

Just a few days from the start of Mobility Week, the Brussels Studies Institute is organising a morning session to share the results of studies conducted by the Research Chair…

Good Move by Citizens
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Good Move by Citizens : Vote for your favourite mobility ideas!

In response to the call for proposals put out by Brussels Mobility, many of you submitted your ideas in favour of sustainable regional mobility. Thank you for all of your interesting,…

Panneau autopartage
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Carsharing: the fifth Good Move diagnostic theme

Following walking, cycling, goods transport and public transport, Good Move takes a look at car-sharing in Brussels. Self-service cars, sharing between individuals, vehicles at stations or available on a free-floating…

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Bordeaux : a ‘Grenelle des Mobilités’

Summer’s here, and we’re off to Bordeaux in France! 245,000 inhabitants, cars still very much in evidence, but many inspiring aspects in terms of quality: the quality of new developments…

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Diagnostic: why aren’t more people using public transport?

Far more use is made of public transport today than ten years ago, in both modal share and absolute terms, in view of the growth in the number of users…

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Save the date – Brussels Bike Colloquium – 15.09.2017

‘The place of the bike in tomorrow’s city’ is the subject of this colloquium organised by Brussels Mobility in partnership with Pro Velo as part of the BIKE BRUSSELS show…

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Good Service: Workshop Transport Services

Some thirty mobility operators and transport service developers gathered at the STIB-MIVB Mobisquare Thursday 8 June 2017 to discuss the contents of the Good Service focus (one of the six…

Good Move by Citizens
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Mobility ideas on GoodMovebyCitizens: contribute before 30 June!

Improved lighting for pedestrian crossings, shared electric bikes, adapted traffic light sequencing, creating district cycle parks, launching a special mobility radio station… There are plenty of ideas on GoodMovebyCitizens! How…

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The Municipality of Etterbeek launches its cycling plan

On the basis of the results of an audit carried out in partnership with the Region, the Municipality of Etterbeek has decided to implement an ambitious action plan in support…

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Report on the Good Move Forum of 20 April

What kind of mobility do we want for the Brussels-Capital Region by 2030? How can we move from a vision of mobility to one of multiple and shared mobilities? More…

Festival de l'Environnement
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Festival of the Environment – 2 to 4 June

The Festival of the Environment, organised by Brussels Environment, will be held from 2 to 4 June this year, on the theme of Nature in the City. Greening, cycling and…

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Why does the Region lack cycling facilities despite growing demand?

The promotion of cycling in Brussels as a mode of transport has been talked about for a long time, and it’s true that the number of cyclists is increasing, as…

Visuel de lappel à projet Living Jette
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Living Jette: Share your ideas for a more friendly neighbourhood!

Such is the invitation issued by the Board of Mayors and Aldermen of Jette in the ‘Living Jette’ call for projects to bring the place of different users in the…

Livraisons à Bruxelles
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Why are there so many trucks in and around Brussels? Make your contribution

As a crossroads for European trade, the Brussels Region is directly affected by the general increase in goods transport, mainly by road. Every day, 16,000 trucks and 26,000 vans enter…

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