Brussels Business Mobility Salon – 30.01.2018

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Brussels Mobility is organising the 5th edition of the Brussels Business Mobility Salon: an opportunity to discover the initiatives taken by Brussels businesses in terms of mobility and the services offered by the various mobility actors (operators, companies and non-profit organisations). The Salon also provides a unique chance for Mobility Managers to exchange views on mobility initiatives introduced in their businesses. The ten 30-minute talks will give you an opportunity to discuss topics as varied as the mobility budget, the MaestroMobile experiment, the Bike Project and training. Tuesday 30 January 2018 – 08.30-14.00 Square Brussels Meeting Center Online registration More information

The Strategic Goods Transport Plan in video

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The Brussels-Capital Region has won the European Commission’s SUMP Award for Urban Mobility Planning for its Strategic Goods Transport Plan. The panel of judges welcomed efforts to integrate goods into the overall regional mobility policy and had particular praise for the partnership approach used by Brussels Mobility with the various public- and private-sector actors involved in the transport of goods. Two strengths that are an integral part of the Good Move approach! Watch the video

Livraisons à Bruxelles

Why are there so many trucks in and around Brussels? Make your contribution

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As a crossroads for European trade, the Brussels Region is directly affected by the general increase in goods transport, mainly by road. Every day, 16,000 trucks and 26,000 vans enter and circulate in the Region. What impact does this traffic have? What are the implications for the Region and the projections for the future? The second question of the diagnosis is devoted to the transport of goods.  Let us know what you think: like, vote or make your own contribution to the analysis!

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