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Carsharing: the fifth Good Move diagnostic theme

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Following walking, cycling, goods transport and public transport, Good Move takes a look at car-sharing in Brussels. Self-service cars, sharing between individuals, vehicles at stations or available on a free-floating basis… car-sharing services are flourishing in almost all major cities. However, it can be difficult to get to grips with the different systems on offer. And in any case, do they all potentially have the same impact on regional mobility? Discover the fifth question in the Good Move diagnosis, on the new car-sharing services.

Diagnostic: why aren’t more people using public transport?

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Far more use is made of public transport today than ten years ago, in both modal share and absolute terms, in view of the growth in the number of users both within the Region and for journeys to and from Brussels. Despite this, it is still the case that too few people use public transport. Why is this? What is at stake for the Region? The fourth question of the diagnosis is devoted to public transport. Let us know what you think and share this analysis.

Why does the Region lack cycling facilities despite growing demand?

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The promotion of cycling in Brussels as a mode of transport has been talked about for a long time, and it’s true that the number of cyclists is increasing, as it is in all major European cities. Yet the development of suitable facilities is lagging behind, although this is an essential factor in reducing the obstacles to cycling in the city. This is the subject considered by the third diagnosis question. What’s your view on this?

Livraisons à Bruxelles

Why are there so many trucks in and around Brussels? Make your contribution

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As a crossroads for European trade, the Brussels Region is directly affected by the general increase in goods transport, mainly by road. Every day, 16,000 trucks and 26,000 vans enter and circulate in the Region. What impact does this traffic have? What are the implications for the Region and the projections for the future? The second question of the diagnosis is devoted to the transport of goods.  Let us know what you think: like, vote or make your own contribution to the analysis!

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