Multimodal Road Specialisation

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Although road specialisation has existed in the Brussels Region since 1995, it was the subject of a comprehensive review by the consultancy firm TRIDÉE (formerly Timenco) in 2015, at the request of Brussels Mobility. While the goal remains the same – to protect neighbourhoods and local streets from traffic – multimodal road specialisation has the advantage that as well as superimposing and integrating all modes by defining networks for five modes of travel (walking, cycling, public transport, light motorised vehicles and trucks), it also extends the area of districts with traffic calming, with the proportion of local roads across the regional territory increasing from 65 to 85%. Cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users should thus benefit from adapted and less congested routes. This new vision of road specialisation is at the heart of Good Move’s Good Network reflection, which aims to put in place an efficient set of networks that structure transport modes and set clear priorities in the sharing of space, street by street. For more information, consult the study (FR / NL)

Buses and coaches in Brussel

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The Brussels Government has approved the conclusions of the study of the management and development of coach traffic and parking in Brussels. The study covers coaches for tourism and special events, school and company buses and international coaches, numbers of which have increased in Brussels. Its recommendations include improving infrastructure at Brussels-Nord and Brussels-Midi railway stations, a new international bus station, the introduction of regional routes for coaches and the setting of parking priorities. Discover the study (FR)  

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Carsharing: the fifth Good Move diagnostic theme

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Following walking, cycling, goods transport and public transport, Good Move takes a look at car-sharing in Brussels. Self-service cars, sharing between individuals, vehicles at stations or available on a free-floating basis… car-sharing services are flourishing in almost all major cities. However, it can be difficult to get to grips with the different systems on offer. And in any case, do they all potentially have the same impact on regional mobility? Discover the fifth question in the Good Move diagnosis, on the new car-sharing services.

Livraisons à Bruxelles

Why are there so many trucks in and around Brussels? Make your contribution

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As a crossroads for European trade, the Brussels Region is directly affected by the general increase in goods transport, mainly by road. Every day, 16,000 trucks and 26,000 vans enter and circulate in the Region. What impact does this traffic have? What are the implications for the Region and the projections for the future? The second question of the diagnosis is devoted to the transport of goods.  Let us know what you think: like, vote or make your own contribution to the analysis!



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Sophie Dutordoir’s arrival as the new head of SNCB-NMBS is an opportunity to (re)discover the Rail4Brussels study carried out in 2016 by the FPS Mobility and Transport. It contains a host of innovative ideas for the further development of the rail system into and within Brussels.  Discover  the study.

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Would you like to try out an electrically assisted bike? The non-profit organisation Pro Velo offers you the chance to do this for four months on a full service leasing deal, which covers the electric bike itself, plus training in safe city cycling, 24/7 breakdown recovery, a bike lock and mechanical maintenance. A good way to get pedalling! More information :

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