The framework

With the results of the exploratory phase, diagnosis and numerous stakeholder consultations, it has been possible to define six FOCUSES for the future Regional Mobility Plan. These six strategic emphases will enable us to adopt a global, across-the-board and original approach to mobility. They served as the basis for reflection for the official consultation of the municipalities between April and June 2017 and the various workshops held from January 2017.


  • Good Neighbourhood: to create large neighbourhoods where life can be peaceful and quiet ;
  • Good Network: to give the space dedicated to each mode of transport proper balance ;
  • Good Service: to improve the quality of mobility services ;
  • Good Choice: to help guide the choices for sustainable mobility ;
  • Good Partner: to boost management, governance, transparency and citizen participation in mobility ;
  • Good Knowledge: to improve knowledge, data collection and use, monitoring, benchmarking and decision support methods.

Each FOCUS will then be broken down into a coherent set of actions, jointly developed with the various mobility actors.

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Pour participer à l’enquête publique, c’est par ici !

Pour participer à l’enquête publique, c’est par ici !